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What others are saying about ‘Angels’

Here’s what others are saying about “Angels. A Systematic Study”
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Dallas Willard
A must read for our times, where so much confusion reigns over the presence and nature of higher beings.

Dr Derek Morphew, Cape Town, South Africa
Quinton Howitt is a theology professor. All too often theologians communicate in language that is not accessible to lay people. If you hear Quinton speak publicly as I did recently, you will experience someone who gives priority to accuracy and accessibility. He takes great care to make it simple. His work on Angels is the same. No important piece of theological or biblical information is lacking, but no one will struggle to follow him. The content is important because there are all sorts of misconceptions “out there” today on angels, from TV fiction to strange and bizarre ideas emanating from some pulpits. This booklet will bring sanity and clarity to the subject.

Bruce Wilkinson, author of The Prayer of Jabez
“Quinton—nice work on your new book on Angels! Your writing style is clear and concise, and your message is thoroughly Biblical. For pastors and individuals who want to know the real truth about angels, your book will be a delight.”

Professor Peter Davids – Epistle of James: New International Greek Testament Commentary.
This is a brief work written for the non-specialist believer that brings together much of what the Scripture says about angels… it is also a helpful guide to appreciating angels without falling into some of the excessive fascination with them that has been characteristic of much contemporary writing on the topic.

Erik Peeters, PhD – Leeds University
At a time when general interest in angels is on the rise, Quinton provides a useful summary in this book of what the Bible has to say about angels, who they are and what they do. In the process, he uncovers a fascinating portrait of beings of great power, who are nevertheless devoted entirely to serving the All-mighty God and worshipping him. The book also offers a welcome corrective to the view of angels as cute little beings with wings, or else as beings worth being worshipped or venerated in their own right. Sightings of angels have often been regarded with suspicion in the established church, a view that Quinton again does much to put right. The book is short and packed with useful information. I recommend it.

Andrew Christie (Senior Pastor – Willow Hill Vineyard Christian Fellowship)
I have read this book and found it to be incredibly helpful and informative bringing biblical correction to many misconceptions about the subject of angels in scripture. I would encourage any small group leader, pastor or ministry leader to read it as it will equip you effectively to answer many of the questions that people have about this subject.

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  1. Quite simply the best material out there on the subject of angels that I have read.

    August 30, 2011

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