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The term ‘archangel’, meaning ‘chief angel’ occurs twice within scripture. The first time occurs prior to the Second Coming of the Lord when the archangel will blow the trumpet to announce His coming (1 Thess. 4.16) and the second, where the archangel Michael fights with Satan over the body of Moses (Jude 9).

No one can be sure of the exact number of these archangels. There is definitely more than one though – Daniel, while in discussion with the angel Gabriel, is informed by said angel that he took twenty- one days to reach Daniel with a vital message as the ‘Prince of Persia’ delayed him. Michael, one of the chief princes, came to his assistance freeing him to deliver the message (Dan.10.13). The fact that Gabriel mentions that Michael is one of the princes logically implies that there is more than one archangel.

For more information about the archangel Michael read the following passages: Jude 9; Dan. 10.13, 21; 12.1 and Rev. 12.7. In these verses

Michael is portrayed as a ‘contender’, ‘a great prince who has charge over Daniel’s people’, and a warrior in charge of many angels who war against the dragon, presumably representing Satan.

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