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Angels Minister to Believers

Angels minister to the believers both offering physical protection and spiritual welfare. There are some intriguing accounts of angels rescuing folk from certain death. Again, I remind you of Daniel and the lions. Daniel was double crossed and ended up being tossed into a den full of hungry lions. At that precise moment, an angel shut the lions’ mouths and Daniel walked out unscathed the next morning (Dan. 6.7–23). As I mentioned previously, there is the case where Herod seized Peter after killing James and threw him into prison to be held for execution the following day. That night, Peter was wakened by an angel who walked him out of the prison (Acts 12.6–11). Then, as to our spiritual welfare, angels are shown as being overjoyed with happiness when a person comes to salvation (Lk. 15.10), and quite understandably so since God works to achieve this night and day. Furthermore, angels serve us in our spiritual needs (Heb. 1.14).

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