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Why I wrote a book about angels

One of my favourite passtimes is wondering through the shopping mall bookstores; I usually make a beeline for the ‘motor car’ and ‘Christianity’ sections. The problem is that I often come away from the latter section shaking my head in disbelief; I am staggered at how some authors can get their books on the shelves, let alone sell them, when the content is so contrary to the Bible – and this discrepancy only grows with the more controversial topics; some authors just do not seem to read or understand the big book at all. Surely the Bible should be our launch pad for writing on matters relating to Christianity? There is something even more troubling than these books though; watching people walk out of the stores with them. The problem appears to be growing – why? It seems like people are no longer being adequately discipled in their local churches, or are just not even attending church anymore.

Here is another matter of concern for me; gone are the days where people would curl up with a good book and literally spend hours reading it. People, generally speaking, just do not like reading anymore. This is of course partly due to our visually orientated western culture, combined with everything having to be ‘fast’ and ‘short’. Take a look at our marketing today; if you want to sell something, it has to be presented in little bite size chunks and grip the attention immediately, most often through visual stimuli. Concentration spans have just plummeted!

Yet another concern is that most of the really excellent material, covering the doctrines of the faith, is found in the academic arena, within vast commentaries or theologies. These books are often very technical and expensive; even pastors, let alone lay Christians, do not read them.

If we combine the problems of poor discipleship, a disinterest in reading, an emphasis on ‘fast’ and ‘short’, and the fact that much of the accurate teaching is in books people will never read, we have recipe for disaster. Is there something we can do to curb this trend?

I am sure there are many angles of attack, but I have chosen to focus on one that I sincerely hope will have a positive impact. My idea is to produce mini-doctrine books that tackle these problems head on:
Their contents originate from high class scholarly works;
They are brief, not more than 60 pages;
The material is packaged in bite-size chunks and is written in a friendly and engaging tone; and
The very nature of them ensures that they are easy on the pocket.

Here is hoping that you will read my first mini-doctrine book on Angels and provide me with feedback.

Regards – Quinton

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