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An excerpt of my book “Angels”

Hi everyone,
Here’s a random excerpt of my book “Angels” Let me know what you think.

Before we start this section it is important to emphasise that angels always function in relation to God. By this I mean, they are not out there on their own mission – they do not have their own agendas. They are always either doing something for God in His presence or out on a mission for Him in our dimension.

As was the case in previous sections, we obtain information about their activities mostly through their encounters with humans. I have provided a list of their job descriptions below.

Firstly, an angel’s primary activity is to praise and worship God. Now, by ‘worship’, I mean worshipping with their entire being. ‘Worship’ is a word which has a broad meaning in this sense. When one worships God fully, it is displayed in everything one does. Thus, all that I have mentioned thus far about angels is evidence for how they worship God.

Of course, in our mindset, when we mention praise and worship, we think of singing accompanied by other bodily actions. This is of course something angels do as well. There are phenomenal accounts of myriads of angels who surround the throne of God and worship Him. I have already mentioned a few examples of this earlier on. Another is recorded in the Revelation of John the Apostle. While John is caught up in an astonishing vision, he observes an event unfolding within the throne room. God is holding a scroll in His right hand with seven seals on it. An angel appeals to all who are there, to come forward if any are worthy to open this scroll. This is in vain. Then suddenly, from amidst the four living creatures and the elders, a lamb appears who is worthy. The result is the unleashing of worship beyond our conception as myriads upon myriads of angels sing to God (Rev. 5.11–12). This happens again within the context of all of those saved from many nations in Rev. 7.11. This time, the angels all fall on their faces in worship.

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