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In the Trenches at Corinth

An exciting journey through Paul’s First Epistle to the Corinthians.

Christians today can learn a lot from the church at Corinth and Paul’s First Epistle to them. They were a group entrenched in self worship and allowed cultural ideologies to go uncensored in their lives and church, giving rise to all manner of evil and an inauthentic Christian life. We ought to pay careful attention to the nature of their problems and Paul’s corrective advice, since, to a large extent, we are in the same predicament!


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This first epistle majors on knowledge and life application. For the bulk of those at Corinth, pagan religion and Greek ideologies about “knowledge”, represented by concepts and theories detrimental to true holistic life, ruled the roost.  One could believe, or believe in, all sorts of things without ever seeing any behavioural life change.  However, for Paul the Hebrew, the “knowledge” he brought to them was very different.  This was a “knowledge”, which if ingested correctly, would so alter their lives that Paul said that it would cause them to “die to self.” Of course, the “knowledge” to which I am referring is the gospel.  This gospel carried relational implications for them in terms of their relationship with God and their relationship with other people. These relationships were stretched to their breaking point as the people faced the daily challenges of life as Christians.  Time-and-again, you will get a chance to read how God’s inspired apostle advises on how to live the Christian life in a diabolical world, and let me tell you, nothing has changed.

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